Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Anonymous asked: Age?

Me: I don't want to say my exact age. So far you know my location, hair color, facial hair, dick size, and favorite things. You're putting together quite the FBI profile on me. I'll say I'm old enough that I've graduated college but less than 10 years ago.

Anonymous asked: Do you plan to make introductions for the Old Characters of Nikki Bobbi and Chrissy?

Me: I wasn't planning on it. I figured by now everybody already knows what those characters are all about. Does anybody else think I should make those?

Anonymous asked: Dude stop photoshopping white cocks into black cocks. It looks fake as shit and kills it

Me: Sorry you don't like it...dude. My choices are photoshop when I need to or use use white cocks. It really comes down to that. There are infinitely more photosets of white girls with white guys than there are interracial sets. Hell, the majority of models don't even have any photosets with black men. I had a poll not that long ago about dropping the interracial aspect of my blog but the vast majority of readers wanted me to keep it. So my other option would be to rarely do hardcore captions, which I know would make a lot of readers upset. So I'm left with asking people to meet me halfway. Think of it like special effects in movies with a low budget. Do they look great? Of course not, but they do the best they can to tell the story for you.

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