Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Anonymous asked: Now that you've written a few captions for each of your new characters, who has become your favorite?

Me: Good question. I think I probably like Candy the best. There are just so many stories I want to tell with that character getting into trouble with principals, coaches, students and students' parents. I've also grown to like Nikki a lot more. I like the idea of a MILF sex slave for high school boys.

Anonymous asked: Do You plan to make some captions about a sissy Thor?

Me: I hadn't planned on it. I have been thinking more about doing some kind of sissy hero/sidekick caption series but even with Marvel making Thor a woman, the character doesn't seem like it would make a good sissy. Too strong and aggressive.

Anonymous asked: Will you ever have Bobbi's stepdad or boss make him get a pussy?

Me: That probably won't ever happen on my blog. I've said before I like to keep my sissies tortured and humiliated. If they were to ever get a sex change operation then some of that would be lost. They be hot women and get treated better. For me it's better if they have to keep that tiny reminder between their legs, letting them know they're neither men nor women.

Anonymous asked: So it goes one, one of our best writer is stops write because he is blackmailed. And so few screams stand again the blackmail or even say a word of like "thanks or we miss you or how can i help". No they all peek at their screen and wank of and don't like

Me: I'm not sure I understand. Has somebody stopped writing? Who are we talking about?

Anonymous asked: Would you do more sissy bride stuff or even castrated sissies?

Me: Sissy bride? Yes. Castration? See above.

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