Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Anonymous asked: This is a pretty nerdy question but you practically invited it. in your opinion which comic book character has the most sissy potential and why is it Robin?

Me: I love this question and the wording of it literally made me laugh out loud. You answered it yourself. Yes, it is Robin, with Aqualad as a very close second. The reason is pretty simple if you think about it. Sure, both wear little short shorts with bare legs, but more than that it's that they are supposed to be teenagers. Because of this they're drawn to be shorter and thinner than other superheroes. Superman would make a terrible sissy because he's tall and ripped. But, a little make-up and a new haircut, and Robin could easily be the sexy "Sissy Wonder." Being a sidekick helps, too. Think of all the perilous situations a sissified Robin would get into.....Well, now I want to do a caption series about it.

Anonymous asked: You said you would answer any question, so after reading that your're tall with an athletic build and facial hair, I have to ask how big is your cock?  :D

Me: An ex wanted to measure me a few years back. She said I was 9 inches, but to be honest she was rounding up a little. I'm probably somewhere between 8.5 and 9 inches. Girls tend to like the thickness though, more than the length. I'm pretty thick. I used to joke it was like a few hockey pucks stacked on top of each other.


Me: STOP YELLING AT ME! I assume this is a follow up question to the last "Ask Me Anything" where I talked about my first time with a trans woman. Her ass felt amazing. She was pretty tight and at first we struggled for me to get inside her. She went back to blowing me and finger herself for awhile until she was a little more open. We used a lot of lube. If you've had sex before you know all vaginas feel basically alike and all asses feel basically alike. So all that really stood out was how tight she was and how sexy her body looked in doggystyle position. She had a nice round ass but fit, not fat at all. She must have spent all her free time walking backwards on a treadmill.