Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Lolly Pop asked: I saw there was only one comment on my prize caption and it was really a comment on how there were no comments lol. My question is do you think people would be turned off by you going that far, or going too rough or too dirty? And, do the amount of comments on certain captions guide how you focus your blog? Thanks again for my making me my favorite caption ever.

Me: You're welcome Lolly. I think that you can't put too much stock in the amount of comments. Some of my most popular captions in terms of pageviews have zero comments. Some captions have no comments but receive a decent amount of complimentary emails to me. I do pay attention to all comments and definitely take what everyone says into account moving forward but for the most part I'm just doing what I like. As far as being too'm not sure. I know it's not some people's cup of tea. I try not to go really far too often. My captions are always going to be pretty rough and dirty - it's kind of the point of the blog. You asked me to go a little further and I was happy to do it. It has slightly above the average amount of pageviews of the majority of my captions, so no worries that no one likes it. If you and I like it, that's all that matters for your custom caption.

Anonymous asked: In disagreement with the guy complaining about white cocks being shopped into black cocks - It doesn't bother me at all. Sure you can tell if you look closely, but it doesn't make a difference either way. 

Me: Glad to hear it doesn't throw everyone off. A got a few emails saying the same thing.

Anonymous asked: How often do you jerk that big cock of yours? *KISS*

Me: It depends on if I'm in a relationship or not. If I'm dating someone and have daily access to them - probably only a couple times a week because we'll be busy fucking. If I'm single like I am right now - two times a day on average. Some days only once, some days three times, but two sounds about right. I'm always horny.

ShilpaSleazy asked: Would you be interested in introducing an Indian sissy character to your caps like she's in the US for studies and attracted to the black dom culture.
Also, I LOVE YOU(R) CAPS and wish some day I could Thank You On My Knees ;)

Me: Thanks for compliments Shilpa. I've answered this question before in a previous AMA, but I'll tackle it one more time. I might do some captions with an Indian model (probably Priya Rai because she's the only Indian model I have pictures of). I probably will not make a new character though.

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